TheKabadi: A Ranchi based startup paving way for ‘Clean Jharkhand, Green Jharkhand’

TheKabadi: A Ranchi based startup paving way for ‘Clean Jharkhand, Green Jharkhand’

Many governments changed in Jharkhand over the last two decades of its formation, but waste management has been a crucial issue that remains mostly unaddressed. Though the state has taken a strong stand through the plastic ban initiative and leaves behind a number of states in terms of cleanliness, a startup in Ranchi is upholding the dream of  ‘Clean Jharkhand, Green Jharkhand’. 

The startup named came into being in 2017, when Shubham Kumar, the founder, committed himself to the cause of a greener world. A resident of Gumla, Shubham much like most youths, dreamt of a decent job. After graduating from Delhi, he struggled to find himself a decent job but failed. Taking the challenge, he decided to do something of his own and founded thekabadi in 2017. 

Shubham and his team.

Thekabadi collects scrap from door to door and sells it to trash companies. People can book the service either through their mobile phones or the website of the company. The company offers door-to-door service and the team comes along with actual weight to your home, paying you a feasible rate. It collects all sorts of scraps ranging from newspapers, carton boxes, metal scrap to plastic and electronic items.  Thekabadi also partnered up with a number of major businesses like Moorish, JCB, Max Life Insurance, and Bajaj.

Moreover, the founder of TheKabadi, Shubham Kumar has also given an employment opportunity to a number of people through his idea. The company is truly serving its purpose and paving the way ahead for ‘Clean Jharkhand, Green Jharkhand’. 

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