A Letter to Our Frontline Warriors of COVID-19

A Letter to Our Frontline Warriors of COVID-19

 “In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.”- Cicero 

You watch the frail old lady hanging onto her last breath, gasping. Her eyes boring into yours, pleading, as her hands reach for you. You want to hold her, comfort her. The exhaustion and pain, from watching so many patients dying, just falling like flies, gets to you. All you want to do is hold her hand, even when you know you shouldn’t. Just when you reach out, she closes her eyes. You hardly have time to realize that she’s gone. More patients are coming in. 

The news reporter on TV announced that “medical staffs were assaulted while going to collect samples from the suspects of Corona.” 

They save you, but who will save them from you; yeah, this is the current situation of doctors in India. Are their lives less important than anyone else just because they are doctors? They say doctors can save lives. They forget that they can’t hold life by force no matter what they do. They say doctors are angels from heaven, but still, they make them bleed mercilessly, ALAS! 

“Years of sleepless nights, mugging up books and mental stress. Thousands of strong coffee cups, reference books and stressed out schedules. They do their best to see a patient’s smile and all they receive is beatings and bruises.” 

This is for you, the doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the frontline workers. 

While the rest of the world snuggles up in the comfort of their homes, you are trending day and night to the sick, the dying. To all of us, watching everything unfold on our TV or mobile screens, it feels distant. Like a game of numbers, the pandemic is unstoppable. But to you, they are living, breathing people who collapsed in front of your eyes, no matter how much you tried to save them. 

You haven’t seen your family in days. Who knows when you had your last meal? So many of you don’t even have the basic protective equipment. You are physically and emotionally drained. You are getting infected yourselves, some of you even dying. Despite all, you are tirelessly working, serving and caring. You are saving lives. 

Countries around the world have always been preparing themselves for war and nuclear attacks with the latest weapons and technology. But nature always has its way of humbling us. Something as “Lilliputian” as a virus has brought this whole world tumbling down. And now you are at the frontlines of this war. With horrifyingly inadequate facilities, you are selflessly fighting in the dark, hoping for some light. 

The world is in crisis. The number of deaths shooting up by lacs. People breathing their last without getting to see loved ones. 

We are now part of one of the biggest wars we may ever have to fight. And you have shown us that our biggest weapon is not the war funds or the nuclear weaponry our governments have amassed. Our biggest weapon is humanity. 

Thank you for risking your own lives, trying to save everybody else’s. 

Forever in your debt, 

Rishav Ranjan

Rishav Ranjan

Rishav is a practising advocate in the Supreme Court of India. He completed his BA.LLB(H) from Amity Law School, Delhi(Indraprastha University). He has also worked in various reputed organisations like Tata Steels, Infosys, Tejas Networks Ltd as a legal trainee where his legal knowledge and skills were appreciated.

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