The Litti Legacy: Sadhuji’s “Litti-Cious” Story

The Litti Legacy: Sadhuji’s “Litti-Cious” Story

Returning home from Marwari College, my father remembers visiting a litti shop in Doranda Bazaar, Ranchi. A generation ago, my grandfather would visit the same shop he calls ‘Sadhu Litti’. Such is the legacy of this Litti Shop and so is of Sadhuji who has been declared the ‘Litti Maharaja’ in Ranchi. 

The love for litti-chokha, kachri, pyaazi, sattu paratha, khaja, ghughni, and dhuska remains unaltered in the hearts of every Bihari and Jharkhandi now living outside his hometown. Even more, staying in Bangalore for a while, I’ve discovered this love has been ever increasing. Take, for example, Litti House of Brookefield in Bangalore has become a major business for a Bihari family. You’ll find the place overflowing with litti lovers during the weekends. What about the best litti joint of Ranchi? Though I never got a chance to personally talk to Sadhuji, his story deserves to be told. 


Originally named Kusheshwar Kewat, Sadhuji has been successfully running litti business in Ranchi for more than 25 years. Though you’ll find hundreds of customers visiting his shop on a daily basis, you’ll find even more during Durga Puja when he sets up his shop at Mecon Durga Puja Samiti in Mecon Colony. Sadhu Litti Centre has even successfully served at VIP functions and has been widely complimented especially by the former Chief Minister Arjun Munda. Sadhuji was even invited to put up a stall at the wedding of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter, back in 2004. 

Speaking to the Times of India, back in 2012, Sadhuji proudly revealed, 

“We undertake more than 200 home deliveries every day. The ones who place the orders include IPS and IAS officers, lawyers and other professionals living across the length and breadth of the city.”

Sadhuji’s Litti Stall is situated at Jhanda Chowk, Doranda Bazaar in Ranchi. In the current era where all businesses are moving online to generate more and more revenue, even Sadhu Litti has followed the trend. The website is taking Sadhuji’s business a step ahead. 

Sadhuji's Website
Sadhuji’s Website

Apart from the famous plain and ghee litti, the website also takes orders for thandai, lassi, and fruit salad. The newest items included in the menu are Sadhuji’s special peda and fruit salad with ice-cream. 

Make sure you visit this litti joint the next time you’re in Ranchi! 

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Abhinav Pathak

Editor and Fiction Writer based in Bangalore. Editor at The Ranchi Review.

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