The Dhuska Story: Why It’s Such A Popular Food in Jharkhand?

The Dhuska Story: Why It’s Such A Popular Food in Jharkhand?

Travelling through the streets of Jharkhand you’ll always find a Dhuska vendor on almost all chowks and bazaars of Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Daltonganj, and other districts. Families here have been enjoying this cuisine for many decades and it is brunched-on at all special functions and festivals be it Holi, Diwali, or even guests visiting your home. Despite its place only among the “street foods”, it has found itself among the most adorned cuisines in Jharkhand. Ever wondered why it’s a popular Jharkhand Food?

Let’s explore some interesting facts about Dhuska.

1. Prime Contender of the Jharkhandi Thali

Jharkhand presented the Jharkhandi Thali – a combination of a total of 11 cuisines finding their roots in the state on September 27, 2015, the World Tourism Day. Some other items in the thali included – chilka, kurthi dal, red rice, madua roti, lal saag, khassi ka jhor, dehati chicken, dudhiya and Dudh pittha.

2. Not Served at Restaurants

A surprising fact about Dhuska is that it is not served at major restaurants in the city like Kaveri, Radisson Blu, Yellow Sapphire, Chanakya BNR, and Hot Lips to name a few. Yet it’s the most popular food of Jharkhand.

In an article published in the Pioneer, a staff from Chanakya BNR told the news agency, “We rarely found people ordering for Jharkhand Thali or any local delicacy and hence as our business is about putting the stuff that is most demanded by the public, we don’t serve it now but once people want to eat it we will provide it.”

However, it is served at Jungli Moon Dance Restaurant, though they haven’t included all the cuisines of the Jharkhandi Thali in their menu.

3. Similar to Gujarat’s Patuda and Karnataka’s Ragi Mudde

When you eat Dhuska, it tastes similar to Gujarat’s Patuda, which also has rice and chana dal its main ingredients. It is also similar to Karnataka’s Ragi Mudde which is also similar in shape, yet is basically made out of Ragi (finger millet) and is served with Upsaaru. 

4. Adored at Delhi Tourism’s Dilli Haat

Though Dhuska couldn’t find its place in the menus of the popular restaurants of Ranchi, yet you’ll be surprised to know that it is served at the Jharkhand Stall of Dilli Haat, owned by Delhi Tourism. It is one of the most loved dishes of foodies in and around the National Capital. 

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