Enjoy Unique, Scrumptious Cuisines from ‘Stuv’s Kitchen’: an All-Women Food Startup by 4 Childhood Friends in Ranchi

Enjoy Unique, Scrumptious Cuisines from ‘Stuv’s Kitchen’: an All-Women Food Startup by 4 Childhood Friends in Ranchi

Much like the other major cities of the country, the startup culture has started taking the states of Bihar and Jharkhand by storm too. Such is the case with the food startup ‘Stuv’s Kitchen’ in Ranchi which delivers delicious homemade cuisines in the city and is entirely managed by women. 

Stuv’s Kitchen was started on July 26 and is one of a kind all-women food startup in Ranchi. The ‘STUV’ in the name interestingly is an abbreviation of the names of its founders –  Shailja, Tanvi, Ujjwala, and Vidya.

Stuv’s Kitchen - the Background

Stuv’s Kitchen came into being when four childhood friends –  Shailja, Tanvi, Vidya, and Ujjwala united and tried their hand in making delicious dishes from the comforts of their home. Not only are the founders of this food startup childhood friends but are also neighbours and thus the magic of Stuv’s Kitchen happens within the friendly neighbourhood of Gauri Shankar Nagar, North Office Para, Doranda, fully managed by these young women. 

Talking about the backgrounds of the founders of Stuv’s Kitchen, Shailja Kumari is currently a second-year student of Master in Social Work, aspires to be a gourmet chef someday. She believes that “good food makes its way to people’s souls”. Whereas Tanvi Srivastava is an aspiring actor from Ranchi and a big foodie who is looking forward to offering people a way to make their days better by providing an enchanting food experience. 

The other two founders of this food startup are Ujjwala Sahay and Vidya Sahay, who more than co-founders, are real siblings, Vidya being younger of the two. After her success in Noor Organics –  a skincare products startup, Ujjwala has contributed to bring in the best to the developing food startup ecosystem of Ranchi with Stuv’s Kitchen. Much like her elder sister, Vidya too has always dreamt of cooking and baking for people with her all-girls gang and celebrate the sisterhood among them in the process.

Within only a week, Stuv’s Kitchen has become a major hit and has been running successfully in the city with all its orders being sold out every single day. Everyday menu of Stuv’s Kitchen ranges from Indo-Chinese cuisines like Noodles and Chillies to Biryani to the continental dishes like Mexican Salads, Pizzas, and Barbecue Grilled items. 

The orders are received via Direct Messaging on Instagram or via Whatsapp message/Call and are delivered within the stipulated time of the order with the best safety standards anywhere in Ranchi. 

With its venture in the food startup, Stuv’s Kitchen surely has given a much-needed kickstart to the developing startup ecosystem of Jharkhand. It surely has the potential to get the moon and become a leading player in the food startup ecosystem in the years to come. 

The Ranchi Review wishes Stuv’s Kitchen good luck in their venture!

Abhinav Pathak

Editor and Fiction Writer based in Bangalore. Editor at The Ranchi Review.

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