10 Things about Food People of Bihar and Jharkhand can relate to

10 Things about Food People of Bihar and Jharkhand can relate to

India doesn’t lag behind, both in terms of its food and foodies. Yet, what we have grasped over the years is that when it comes to food, we, Biharis and Jharkhandis have grown to learn a number of things.


Whether it’s the khichdi your mother fondly cooks for you with a blend of home ground spices or the festive feasts like gulab jamuns, litti-chokha or dhuska we always fall for it. This is especially the case with those staying outside their native place like in Bangalore, Mumbai, or New Delhi.


Today at The Ranchi Review, we bring you 10 interesting things foodies from Bihar and Jharkhand can relate to:

  1. You’ve been staying in cosmopolitan town or foreign country or you can even imagine yourself being in a hostel. And, you realise that nothing can compete with your ‘Ghar ka Khana’.

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2. No matter how many times you’ve cherished moments in malls and enjoyed continental cuisines, only Dal, Roti and Sabzi can truly fill your gut.

3. We all have grandmothers (Dadis and Nanis) who will judge the food you or your mom cook and say  ‘Bas hamare zamaane mein hi “Shuddh” khana milta tha’.

4. No matter how many times you and your siblings would have fought, homecooked food has the power to band the family together again especially on occasions like Holi and Diwali.

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5. You’ve witnessed many new years and promised to your self that you’ll go on a diet, but mothers will always break your resolution with their “Kya Matlab, dieting?”

6. No matter how angry you are with your parents, mothers with their gentle hearts will come to you with a spoon in their hand and say, “Mere haath se Kha lo thoda.”

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7. No matter how far you stay from your home, moms always pack a jar or two of homemade pickles with the belief that Achaar can flavour up your life! Honestly, I would say this list goes on and on with jars of sattu, murhi, thekua, nimki, and tilkut!

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8. You are always starving in your parents’ eyes. No matter how much you eat, moms will consider it a lie and say, ‘thoda aur Kha lo.’

9. Nenua, Parwal, Kaddu and Karela – your all-time foes are served on your plate to make you fall sick and you are declared ‘Nalayak’ if you hate these greens.

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10. And, finally, you often forget your diet for homemade sweets specially made on festivals and special occasions.

So, these were the top 10 things most foodies from Bihar and Jharkhand can relate to. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments. 

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Abhinav Pathak

Editor and Fiction Writer based in Bangalore. Editor at The Ranchi Review.

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