Bejod Gives Voice to Babu Raghubir Narayan’s Song ‘Batohiya’ Sung by 10 Amazing Singers

Bejod Gives Voice to Babu Raghubir Narayan’s Song ‘Batohiya’ Sung by 10 Amazing Singers

The month of August is here and soon comes Independence Day on the 15th of August when India attained freedom from British Rule. While we only commemorate the heroes like Subhash Chandra Bose, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, and several others, regional heroes from states like Bihar and Jharkhand often remain unsung. Such is the case with Babu Raghubir Narayan.

But with its aim to revive Bihar and make its legacy known to the entire nation, Bejod has brought-in an amazing song called ‘Batohiya’, originally composed by Babu Raghubir Narayan, sung by 10 amazing singers. The song has been directed by Nitin Chandra and features Shashank Shekhar Ajisha as Babu Raghubir Narayan. Lending their voices to the popular song are Chandan Tiwari, Surabhi Kashyap, Sushant Asthana, Shailendra Mishra, Richa Verma, Shruti Verma, Bhavani Pandey, Adarsh Aadee, Ravish Kumar Shanu, and Prabhakar Pandey.

Who was Babu Raghubir Narayan?

Babu Raghubir Narayan

Though we have all come across many freedom fighters in our history books –  some extremists and some choosing the path of non-violence, artists, poets, and authors too had a huge role in helping India become free from British Rule. Poets and authors inspired the citizens of India, united them, and made them understand the value of freedom. Such is the case with Babu Raghubir Narayan. 

Babu Raghubir Narayan wasn’t only a great poet who composed his songs in Bhojpuri and Hindi but also a patriot and freedom fighter too. He was born on 30 October 1884 in Nayagaon in Saran district of Bihar and composed the song ‘Batohiya’ in the early 20th century. His song was once even considered as a national anthem for India, showcasing its beauty and rich culture and heritage. 

The lyrics of the popular folk song composed by Babu Raghubir Narayan is as below:

सुंदर सुभूमि भैया भारत के देसवा से

मोरा प्रान बसे हिमखोह रे बटोहिया.

एक द्वार घेरे रामा, हिम कोतवालवा से

तीन द्वारे सिंधु घहरावे रे बटोहिया.

जाहु-जाहु भैया रे बटोही हिंद देखी आऊं

जहवां कुहंकी कोइली गावे रे बटोहिया.

पवन सुगंध मंद अमर गगनवां से

कामिनी बिरह राग गावे रे बटोहिया.

बिपिन अगम धन, सघन बगन बीच

चम्पक कुसुम रंग देवे रे बटोहिया.

द्रुम बट पीपल, कदम्ब नीम आम वृक्ष

केतकी गुलाब फूल फूले रे बटोहिया.

तोता तूती बोले रामा, बोले भंेगरजवा से

पपिहा के पी-पी जिया साले रे बटोहिया.

सुंदर सुभूमि भैया भारत के देसवा से

मोरे प्रान बसे गंगाधार रे बटोहिया.

गंगा रे जमुनवां के झगमग पनियां से

सरजू झमकि लहरावे रे बटोहिया.

ब्रह्मपुत्र पंचनद घहरत निसि दिन

सोनभद्र मीठे स्वर गावे रे बटोहिया.

उपर अनेक नदी उमड़ी-घुमड़ी नाचे

जुगन के जदुआ जगावे रे बटोटिया.

आगरा-प्रयाग-काशी, दिल्ली कलकतवा से

मोरे प्रान बसे सरजू तीर रे बटोहिया.

जाऊ-जाऊ भैया रे बटोही हिंद देखी आऊ

जहां ऋषि चारो वेद गावे रे बटोहिया.

सीता के बिमल जस, राम जस, कृष्ण जस

मोरे बाप-दादा के कहानी रे बटोहिया.

ब्यास, बाल्मिक ऋषि गौतम कपिलदेव

सूतल अमर के जगावे रे बटोहिया.

रामानुज रामानंद न्यारी-प्यारी रूपकला

ब्रह्म सुख बन के भंवर रे बटोहिया.

नानक कबीर गौर संकर श्री रामकृष्ण

अलख के गतिया बतावे रे बटोहिया.

विद्यापति कबीदास सूर जयदेव कवि

तुलसी के सरल कहानी रे बटोहिया.

जाऊ-जाऊ भैया रे बटोही हिंद देखी आऊ

जहां सुख झूले धान खेत रे बटोहिया.

बुद्धदेव पृथु बिक्रमार्जुन शिवाजी के

फिरी-फिरी हिय सुध आवे रे बटोहिया.

अपर प्रदेस-देस सुभग सुघर बेस

मोरे हिंद जग के निचोड़ रे बटोहिया.

सुंदर सुभूमि भैया भारत के भूमि जेहि

जन रघुबीर सिर नावे रे बटोहिया.

The platform Bejod aims to revive the cultural heritage of Bihar and make its three regional languages of Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Magahi known to the world with its songs, short films, and much more. With the Independence Day just a few days away, it aims to honour the famous poet from Bihar –  Babu Raghubir Narayan. Listen to the latest song ‘Batohiya’ released by Bejod on their YouTube channel here: 

(Disclaimer: The Ranchi Review doesn’t claim any copyright on neither the lyrics of the song nor the screenshots of the video used in the post above. The same have been used for representational purposes only)

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