7 Short Films from Bihar and Jharkhand to watch during the Lockdown

7 Short Films from Bihar and Jharkhand to watch during the Lockdown

Stereotyping Bihar and Jharkhand isn’t a new thing in India. But these 7 short films from Bihar and Jharkhand prove otherwise and are worth giving a try, especially during the current lockdown phase!

There was once a time when we used to stand in long queues for hours in front of booking counters of cinema halls to get oneself the tickets to watch our favourite movies. But since the advent of technology and advancement in the internet, this trend has changed manifold and now most of us can enjoy watching movies and short films within the comforts of our homes. Talking about Bihar and Jharkhand, much-like the rest of India, the trend of short films has even taken the two states by storm. If you too believe that stereotyping is wrong, today we bring to you 7 short films from Bihar and Jharkhand you should watch during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Short films from Bihar and Jharkhand

1. Pahada (2012)

A still from the short film Pahada (2012)

Starring: Amrit Oraon, Sumitra Toppo, Mahadev Toppo, Seema Bhagat

Director: Niranjan Kumar Kujur.

Language: Kurukh/Hindi

Pahada is a 2012 short film from Jharkhand that narrates the story of an eight-year-old boy named Munnu who is trying hard to learn the table of thirteen. Like every boy of his age, he is careless towards his studies yet a keen observer of the things around him. Set in the tribal heartland of Jharkhand, the film shows the consequences of the war waged between the Naxals and the Government. Though his family, too suffers the consequences, the boy remains unaware of the reality.

This film was selected for Indian Panorama in 44th International Film Festival of India, Goa, 2013 and featured in the Non-feature category. Moreover, it was also loved at IMAGINE INDIA film festival, Madrid, Spain, 2013 and the 1st Patna International Film Festival, 2015. If you’re looking for some good short films from Bihar and Jharkhand, this movie should be on the top of your list. Watch ‘Pahada’ now:

2. A Winter Afternoon (2017)

A Winter Afternoon
The Poster of 'A Winter Afternoon'

Starring: Rajkumar, Darsh Vatsa

Director: Achal Mishra

Language: Hindi

Achal Mishra, a well-known photographer and filmmaker, is on his way to make the state of Bihar proud. Ranging from being an assistant director for the 2015 movie ‘Talvar’ to showing his own creativity in making short films based in rural Bihar, Achal has got his all. His recent movie ‘Gamak Ghar’ was well-appreciated and was nominated at the 2019 Mumbai Film Festival for the Golden Gateway of India Best Film award. 

Talking about his 2017 short film ‘A Winter Afternoon’, it is another masterpiece which narrates the story of a lonesome young boy named Avi who seeks a friend in his newly appointed tutor. This is one of the short films from Bihar which should definitely be on your watchlist this phase of lockdown. 

Watch this brilliant short film here:

3. Khataara (2018)

A Still from the short film 'Khataara'
A Still from the short film 'Khataara'

Starring: Raj Tushar, Karma Oraon

Director: NPK

Language: Nagpuri 

A young schoolboy faces bully from his schoolmates as called a ‘Khataara’ which means ‘scrap’. The reason behind it is his bicycle which is all worn out and needs to be replaced. Ridden in the vicious circle of poverty, will his elder brother who works as a farmer arrange for a new bicycle for him? The ending of this short film will leave you happy. 

You should definitely watch this short film during the phase of lockdown. Watch it here:

4. Diwali (2018)

A still from the short film 'Diwali'

Director: Nitin Neera Chandra 

Language: Maithili 

When it comes to Bhojpuri, Maithili and Magahi movies, the cinema industry has gone down drastically with less place for good films. Nitin Chandra is the king when it comes to breaking the stereotypes and giving the audience something worth watching along with his sister Neetu Chandra –  a well-known Bollywood actress. Whether it is his video of Chhath depicting a young woman exploring the culture of Bihar and celebrating the festival of Chhath for the first time or his award-winning Maithili film ‘Mithila Makhaan’ –  the movies produced by this brother-sister duo are worth giving a try. 

Talking about the short film ‘Diwali’ which is set in present-day Darbhanga, it portrays an elderly couple celebrating the auspicious festival of Diwali together. This depicts the exact situation of elderly parents being left at hometown with their children studying or working abroad. But the ending of this seven-and-a-half-minute-long film will leave you extremely happy and make you feel homesick. This is one of the short films from Bihar which should definitely be on your watchlist this phase of lockdown. 

Watch this short film here:

5. She (2018)

The poster of the 2018 short film 'She'

Starring: Tanvi Srivastava, Sunny Chandra, Vidya Sahay

Director: Naresh Pandian

Language: Hindi

Objectifying women is not a new thing when it comes to India. Though on one hand, where we have a glorious with strong women who have come forward to show their courage in society, on the other is their degrading status and various crimes committed against them in the recent years. Directed by Naresh Pandian, the short film tries to take on the rape culture and on the ones holding women accountable for the crimes committed against them. 

This 10-minutes-long movie should definitely be on your list of short films from Bihar and Jharkhand. Watch this short film here:

6. Penalty Corner (2015)

Penalty Corner
A still from the short film 'Penalty Corner'

Starring:Sushil Kerketta, Monika Gupta, Asmita Joglekar, Aman Attar

Director: Ranjit Kumar Oraon

Language: Kurukh

This short film by Film And Television Institute of India is one of the short films from Bihar and Jharkhand to have been produced in the Kurukh language. Directed by Ranjit Kumar Oraon, this short film narrates the story of Soma, a poor tribal man trying to make money selling poultry and finding it hard to arrange a hockey stick and shoes for his daughter Munuren in his Naxal affected village. Meanwhile his children Prakash and Munuren, set on a journey to ask God in the forest to give their father’s lost poultry back. 

The ending of this film will leave you a bit confused. This brilliant short film from Jharkhand is worth giving a shot in the phase of lockdown. Watch it here:

7. Namonarayan (2020)

A still of Wakil Saheb in Namonarayan

Starring: Rajeev Singh, Bhashkar Jha, Sharat Sonu

Director: Vikas Jha

Language: Maithili 

What happens when two of your favourite friends invite you to lunch at the same time? Wouldn’t you face a dilemma? The same happens with Wakil Saheb in the short film ‘Namonarayan’. Based on Harimohan Jha’s short story ‘Adarsh Bhojan’, this Maithili short film will definitely leave you in laughter in the current situation of the Coronavirus crisis. This 25-minute-long movie is a satire on our day-to-day lives and the food lovers in and around us. 

So why wait? Lighten up your mood with this fantastic Maithili short film –  a great piece of work by ‘Madhur Maithili’. Watch this short film here:

The film industry in Bihar started in the 1960s with movies like ‘Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo’, good filmmaking has deteriorated in the state. And, Jharkhand which is a newer state has only a handful of movies released so far. But the future seems bright and filmmaking finds new hope with new-age short films from Bihar and Jharkhand. And, believe us –  these short films from Bihar and Jharkhand just prove the same! 

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